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Social Media Automation Strategy

Are you a small business owner or solo-preneur who buy instagram followers finds it challenging to keep up with a social media posting schedule? Do you wonder if you should automate your posts? Spending a few hours to schedule content for the next few weeks sounds like a great time-saving solution, but there is a right way and a wrong way to automate some of your social media. Notice that I mention automating some of your social media. One of your goals on social media, no matter what type of business you have, is to build a relationship with your audience. And that requires two-way communication.

Social Media Automation

Schedule some of your posts (for these 3 reasons):

Unless 100% of your target audience is located in your time zone and only visits their social media sites when you do, how can you reach them? There are numerous studies on the best and worst times how do you buy followers on instagram to post on social media (here is an article from Fast Company and a Pin of just the Infographic). While this information is a helpful starting point, keep in mind that every business’ audience is different. So it’s wise to do some research of your own: monitor the engagement and reach on your social sites to look for patterns. Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights…check out the statistics for your social media sites on a regular basis to get to know your audience’s patterns.

Choose the right tool(s) to help you schedule some of your social media posts

Small business owners are busy; we usually don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone spend half a day on social media! So automating some of your social media posts, buy instagram followers free and strategically spending time live on your social sites, is a smart plan to consistently share great content and build a relationship with your community.

Decide when you will be interacting live on your social sites

Once you’ve scheduled your posts for the day or the week (or the month, if you’re super organized!), then schedule your live interaction time. You may want to check into your how to buy followers on instagram for free sites for just a few minutes several times a day, or set aside 30-45 minutes every afternoon. The important strategy here is to take notice of your audience and how engagement occurs on your posts (right away or spread out through the day), and then schedule your live time accordingly.

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